South Africa's leading Metal Foundry and suppliers of customized Cast Metal parts and ROM for Copper, Manganese and Chrome

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Mars Steel specialized in customized Automotive, Trains and components made by casting and machining process for a variety of materials, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, grey iron, and ductile iron. Utilizing both sand casting and investment casting processes we can provide a wide range of product weights.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality and comprehensive solutions to customers. Thanks to our extensive expertise and strict adherence to customer’s requirement our products are sold all over the world. Among the customer list are many well-known companies, we also supply ROM on the following Minerals, Manganese, Chrome and Copper.

Our Mission

a better tomorrow today

We are committed to bringing a better tomorrow for our children by manufacturing products that are friendly to people and the environment.

To meet national and international emissions targets, low carbon technology in the metal sector will play a significant role.

Mars Metals is a first step in examining the implications of changing material requirements for the mining and metals industry in supplying the low carbon energy future. It is intended to engender a broader dialogue between the clean energy, climate, and extractives communities on their respective roles in being part of the global solution for a carbon-constrained future.

Our Vision

low carbon foot print

The future move to a low carbon economy, based on low carbon electricity generation and energy-efficient energy using technologies, has huge potential to shift both the scale and composition of the demand for minerals and metals.

Mars steal issue of commodities supply of the carbon constrained future typically focuses on the minerals and metals that are required for specific technologies, concerns about the capacity of the industry to supply elements required to meet a low carbon future,

Our Values & Beliefs

We as MARS STEEL recognise that continued engagement and collaboration with our stakeholders are essential as we strive to fulfil our vision.

MARS STEEL believes that sustainable development must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Within this, a green economy delivers prosperity for all nations, wealthy and poor alike, while preserving and enhancing the planet‘s resources. Steel is essential to the technologies and solutions that meet society‘s everyday needs – now and in the future.

Steel is central to our current transport systems, infrastructure, housing, manufacturing, agriculture, water and energy supply. It is also critical to the sectors and technologies that will enable and drive a green economy.

Our Products & Services